John Deere 1918 Tractor HDR

John Deere 1918 Tractor HDR


John Deere invented very first plow in 1837 and he created first Tractor ever in 1918, every since the company has created over 596 models of Tractors.

These 596 John Deere machines included 40 backhoe-loader tractors, 70 farm tractors, 35 industrial tractors and 10 Waterloo Boy tractors.

Deere had achieved great success in 1837 when he built a plow from highly polished steel. Deere & Company entered the tractor manufacturing business in 1918. Deere sold a small number of tractors designed by Joseph Dain, with limited success. In late 1923, John Deere introduced the Model D, which remained in production for the next 30 years. John Deere produced the first diesel engine in 1949. The engine was able to produce 51 horsepower and was the first that offered a live power take-off with its own clutch.

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