Heisenberg, Science, Spirituality and India

Heisenberg, Science, Spirituality and India

Werner Heisenberg has been known to be one of the finest Physicists. He came up with principles which now form fundamentals of what is better known as Quantum Mechanics.

The Nobel prize winner was non-believer of God. He solely believed in scientific way of living and explanation. Over the span of years, few questions he had dwelled during his experiments, had no answers.


In 1929 Heisenberg visited India to deliver some conferences about quantum mechanics. He dwelled the concept of ‘illussionary’ that he understood through meditation and samadhi, during his stay at ShantiNiketan. It left a deep impact on him.

The man who founded Quantum Physics, had to accept that things are up to us measuring them, in other words, it is necessary that an observer interacts with a system in order for the system to acquire reality.

These are directly in-sync with Emptyness (in Buddhism) and Maya (in Hinduism), in which the world of phenomena lacks its own integrity because it is just a mental construction; so, if there is no mind then there is no world. On the contrary, Albert Einstein disagreed with this interpretation. He always insisted on the idea that Nature has its own reality, independent of any observer.

In the Yoga International magazine (Vol. 3, No. 6, 1994) it was published that Prof. Heisenberg had a spontaneous experience of kevala samadhi, which was also confirmed by Paul Brunton and Paul Cash.

The essential point is that in kevala samadhi the mind is turned off and the physical world disappears with its conceptions of space and time, the universe is perceived as an illusion without intrinsic reality, the ego is dissolved revealing the Oneness of Creation and the existence of the Cosmic Mind. When somebody experiences samadhi even only once, a deep internal transformation results that annihilates all patterns of “reality” of the world. Surely this experience reinforced his concept of ‘reality’ that he introduced in the 1920’s as the fundament of quantum Physics.

Truly there is a close connection between science and spirituality. One has to rise upto that level to understand it.

“When he was dying, Heisenberg said to von Weizsäcker, ‘It is is very easy, I did not know this before’. At another moment he said, ‘I see now that Physics is of not importance, that the world is an illusion’. He passed away in peace”.

“After the conversations about Indian philosophy, some of the ideas of Quantum Physics that had seemed so crazy suddenly made much more sense.”

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