Guilty All the Same – Inspiration

Guilty All the Same – Inspiration

Its one of those times when Linking Park’s brand new song is out and fans are excited as hell.

Linkin Park has released a single from the upcoming album The Hunting Party and It’s very aggressive and angry tune, featuring heavy guitar shredding, and rapping section from Rakim. Mike Shinoda screams and shouts to match it up nicely.

The direction song is heading is not at all typical of Linkin Park. Shinoda claims that song came into being while he was making some demos, electronic synthesis in indie music. He was like, I don’t want to make such stuff, the next song should be all fired up, loud, visceral than anything Linkin park has ever done.

Shinoda claims they are trying something different this time and they are not afraid of it. This aggression and energy are there for a meaning.

For this new chapter in Linkin Park’s recording career, they’ll eschew mainstream alt-rock in favor of returning to their much edgier roots.

You can listen to song here:

New Release: Until its Gone:

guilty-all-the-same-sony guilty-all-the-same-sony-z1

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