Cinnabon Cinamon Rolls

Cinnabon Cinamon Rolls

cinnabon cinnabons


Cinnabon’s Cinnamon Rolls are world class bakery item that you can now get in various countries outside US. Founded in 1985, this american bakery has around 800 Cinnamon’s bakeries around the globe. Among other foods the serve:

Cinnabon Classic – the original Cinnabon cinnamon roll.
Minibon – a smaller version of the Cinnabon Classic (not available in some stores).
Minibites or Cinnabites – bite-sized versions of the Cinnabon Classic sold in packs of four.
Caramel Pecanbon – a classic cinnamon roll drizzled with caramel and topped with pecans.
Pecanbon Bites – bite-sized version of the Pecanbon roll used with a daub of caramel.
Chocobon – a classic cinnamon roll with chocolate sauce.
CinnabonStix – sticks of baked Danish pastry dough covered in cinnamon and sugar, usually dipped in frosting.
Churro – a baked churro with Makara cinnamon filling.
CinnaPretzel – a soft pretzel made with cinnamon roll dough with a cinnamon roll in the bottom of the pretzel (select locations).
Center of the Roll – the center of a classic cinnamon roll cut into bite-sized pieces and topped with cream cheese frosting.

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Shot with Nikon D7000, at 1/15 Handheld with F2.2 @50mm ISO 100. Flash: Yes, Nikon SB-900in TTL mode.

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