CA1 Vista – Most Beautiful Highway

CA1 Vista – Most Beautiful Highway

California 1 state highway is one of the most beautiful state highways I’ve experienced in my lifetime. I was there in late 2012 and I remember gazing at it all day. The whole landscape is so engaging that I could go no further than 5 miles in an entire day.

Shot taken using Sony Alpha NEX5

EXIF: 25mm, 1/250s, F16, handheld (single exposure)

california one

California one

Watching nature every-time assures my trust in him and his supreme being. God to me is that creative force, who bares himself as energy, as warmth, as life, as beauty, as conscience, as love. You must learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and you shall realize that everything in this life has a purpose.

CA1 highway sunset

EXIF: 15mm, 1/500s, F11, handheld (single exposure)

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