Audiophile – Pro Home Audio MA RX6, ATH-M50

Audiophile – Pro Home Audio MA RX6, ATH-M50

Audiophile: the term used for a person or professional who has a unique sense of Music. People who love pure uncolored music with deep soundstage, natural sounding vocals, non-booming bass and warm-slightly bright highs.

I always had deep love for music though it started with Bass and heavy bass. I eventually grew up to quality music and bought my first Professional headphones: Audio Technica M50 ($175) and use it with external DAC for bit perfect digital to analog conversions or with Macbook Pro’s inbuilt DAC.

Later, I bought Monitor Audio RX6 stereo tower speakers that have very natural sound. They possess deep soundstage and do a very good job in separating instruments in music. These are powered by a NAD C 356 BEE integrated Stereo amplifier with inbuilt MDC DAC. The input is fed through async USB/Optical fiber from Laptop running Ubuntu 13 with ALSA sound engine. The audio output is simply beyond this world. you’ve to hear it to believe it.

I auditioned 20+ speakers among B&W, Klipsch, PSB, KEF, Polk, etc before buying these. It’s been 6 months and these speakers have only changed for better after run-in/burn-in.

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